Specialty Cake Orders

Birthday and Special Occasion Cakes


6”- up to 6 people

8”- up to 10 people

9”- up to 16 people

10”- up to 20 people

¼ sheet cake- up to 25 people

½ sheet cake- up to 50 people

Full Sheet cake- up to 100 people


Chocolate · Chocolate Molasses · Spice · Carrot · Red Velvet · Banana Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan (browned butter and pecan cream cheese filling) · White Cake

White Cake Batter Flavored (rum chata, amaretto, raspberry swirl, spiced rum, caramel, chocolate chip, Tahitian vanilla extract, lemon, strawberry, and much more!)


Italian Buttercream · Chocolate Italian Buttercream · White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Mousse

Caramel Mousse · Raspberry Mousse · European Chocolate Ganache · Raspberry or Strawberry Jam


Vanilla Italian Buttercream · Chocolate Italian Buttercream · European Chocolate Ganache

The Pastry Chef Can Accommodate Most Requests | Standard Cakes Inclusive of 3 Layers of Cake and 2 Layers of Filling - Call for Pricing - Flavors Subject to Change-

For private dining, large party reservations, and events please contact Teressa Walters at 412.866.4048 or please send an email to events@cioppinogroup.com

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